CSS to SCSS migration 1 min for existing project.

Dec 12, 2023

I will help you migrate an existing complex/simple project’s stylesheets from CSS to SCSS with minimal manual effort.

Steps to Migrate from CSS to SCSS:

  1. Open Command Prompt in your project location(the folder where you’ve package.json file).
  2. Run the below command.
ng add schematics-scss-migrate

3. Choose from which style format you’re migrating and to which style you want to migrate.

4. Provide your Project Name, that has to be migrated.

That’s it! All the below things will be handled automatically.

  1. Addition of SCSS styles schematics to Angular.json file
  2. Renaming all the CSS files to SCSS files
  3. Updating the paths/urls (styleUrls) in component levels.

Hope this helps 😀🫠